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I’m mad. Very mad. Have you ever felt like you should have made a fuss about something and you didn’t? Well, I did that today. And I have been left feeling like I should have punched the guy in the face. You know, that’s my mama grizzly bear coming out. I was with “not that little anymore L” at Family Grounds, a local playground/coffee shop, when he was grabbed by the owner, walked across the room to where I was in a very violent manner, aggressively scolded, and left in tears. Regardless of what happened before, that kind of behavior is unacceptable from someone who works in contact with children. Whatever the kid is doing, you never grab a kid like that, especially if the kid is someone else’s. On top of that I have trouble believing his accusations. I didn’t see what was going on the exact moment before he brought L to me because the room was so packed that I couldn’t see across it (probably too crowded, actually). I’m sure something happen, I’m not the kind of mom who thinks her son is a constant angel. But I find it hard to believe that he was banging other kids’s heads against a wall. That would be a first for someone who calls me when another child pushes or hits him. The fact that he also accused him for interrupting his guitar performance endless times makes me even more hesitant. He had to stop twice, and the first time it was for no good reason. A girl grabbed a bongo from L’s hands and he took it back. But of course the guy dropped his guitar to grab the toy from my son in return. Let’s remember that this in an adult who should be trained in dealing with kids. Grabbing toys from them is a great way to teach through example. The second time was when the incident happened. I guess that, actually, if you don’t want to be interrupted, you shouldn’t perform for kids. They are not a calm and quiet audience.

Needless to say, I will never go back nor do I recommend it. A pity, since is one of the only places where you can take your kids to play in the cold Chicago winter. But since I don’t think it is safe anymore, I won’t go back. I don’t think little L would want too, either.

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  1. Oh this makes me sad. I'd def. go back & say something. Or just leave a lot of bad reviews online. Sorry you & L had that experience.
    Want me to come throat punch him?

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