Bittersweet blizzard chocolate cak English

Da blizzard… or so they say

I have lived in Chicago for seven years, which means it’s not the first time I hear about apocalyptic weather conditions, whether they are thunderstorms, tornadoes, rain… This time it’s a winter blizzard, apparently monster size. I have spent all morning tracking different news pages, plus the University where I teach and my son’s school. By now I know that De Paul is closed at least until Thursday, while my son is still in school. And all I can think about is a big fat chocolate cake from Bittersweet. It is one of my favorite cake shops in Chicago, and they have the most luscious velvety moist bittersweet chocolate cake I have ever tried. So yes, weather services, I’m going to brace myself, and while I wait for those flurries to come, I’m going to drive there on my way to pick little L from school, and get one. In case we cannot leave the house in the next couple of days. A pregnant woman shouldn’t deny herself a craving, don’t you think?

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