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With husband and baby taking a nap, I get a chance to write a little bit, and reflect on a funny phenomenon I’m observing. Curiously enough I haven´t written about Obama yet, although I live in Chicago, where he is unavoidable. But since I am in Spain, I have observed that everyone has something to say about the guy. The first question I get from people I meet is “How was it to be there?”. Although I didn´t go to the rally, apparently watching it from Lincoln Square on live TV is more that enough for them. Everyone is betting on the date he may be shot. Everyone has a line for him. Yesterday we were in a restaurant, and given how loud Spaniards are (and that includes me) we could hear our neighbours say: “He has such a good body”, “He is so intelligent”, “He plays basketball so well”, “He could have such a great future”, “Clinton wasn´t bad, but he is so much better…”
It was an interesting anniversary (seven years) lunch, because there was a power outage for one hour. A very interesting gastronomical experience. In one of my favourite restaurants, Arkupe, in Vitoria. Great food and service. I have to go, my father is complaining because I´m not doing anything productive…

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