Revolutionary Road

My twenty one month old son just bit me. Hard. After he broke his bedroom’s door. Is the “terrible two’s”? I had never heard of that term until I had a baby in the States. We don’t have anything like that in Spain, but I guess that kids there are terrible at any time… It may be a result of how badly my parents spoiled him in Spain. It was their house and their rules, they said, and babies don’t cry there… Six weeks of that, and L has turned into a little “monstruito”. I hope it’s just a stage, and that it will pass quickly…
But I was going to talk about something else. I went to the movies on Saturday with husband. Brave of us, considering that it was 8 degrees when we got into the theater. We watched Revolutionary Road. It was so good that I didn’t minded how depressing it was. Dense and hard movie to watch, but very very good. I don;t go to the movies often anymore, maybe once every couple of months at most. When I was younger I used to go twice a week, since I love cinema. I even made it part of the PhD I was taking (and I hope to resume at some point). But I don’t have time anymore. Going to the movies involves a babysitter, dining out, prepare everything to leave the baby at home (specially my self consciousness, since I still feel a little bit guilty when I leave him; you can call it Stockholm syndrome). So I usually enjoy it a lot, since it’s a special occasion. This time it wasn’t a exception. And the movie touched so many aspects of my life… I could be April any day of the week. I get her sadness, her lost, her hope, broken once again… But it helped me realize that I am still on time to avoid getting to that point, to fix things, to fix my life… I didn’t like Leonardo Di Caprio until I saw Gangs of New York on Christmas. I still think he looks a bit too young opposed to Kate Winslet, but he does a remarkable job, and so does her. Great performances, that help build the tension throughout the movie. Tension not eased by the fact that you cannot smoke on cinemas anymore, and they smoke hundreds of cigarettes. But that deserves a whole entry on its own.

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