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By a split second

Today I could have died. I don’t think I have ever seen death closer than today. As close, maybe, and the other few times a car also was involved. I went with my seven months pregnant friend E to a mall in the suburbs. We wanted to go to Zara, can you get any more Spanish? We had lunch, bought many clothes for our kids, enjoyed our time there… It almost looked like a movie, some kind of feel good soap. Then, on our way back to the city, we suddenly saw something bouncing our way in the highway. We saw it in slow motion. At first glance we couldn’t tell what it was, but as it came closer we realized it was a huge truck wheel. Not only the tire, but the whole huge wheel. Bouncing 15 feet high at a crazy speed directly towards my friend’s car. I saw it crashing, I swear, but thank God E, who is way more reflective than I am, was able to turn a little bit to the left and we missed it by a couple of inches. Thank God there was almost no traffic on Sunday. Thank God it didn’t hit the car in front of us, or any other car behind us, for that matter. For someone who doesn’t usually believe in God I named him quite few times today. I know that’s convenient. We didn’t speak for a couple of minutes, as we were in shock. When we did, we could only say one thing: “Coño, estamos vivas. Lo demás da lo mismo”. I think our friendship is closer today. Our bonding deeper. Our luck, untouched.

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