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De McDonalds y libre albedrío

Libre albedrío is the Spanish equivalent of personal choice, individual responsibility. We all know what McDonalds stands for in any language. Or don’t we? I read in disbelief in the Chicago Tribune that several associations are trying to ban McDonals from giving toys with Happy Meals, and they even want to retire Ronald McDonald. How stupid are we getting? Do they really think McDonalds is responsible for childhood obesity? No, my friends, I don’t think so. McDonalds doesn’t put a gun on your head and make you eat a Big Mac. It’s a choice you make. I make it some times, for that matter. My son loves the place, and we go once a month or so. I’m perfectly fine with that since he eats at least five pieces of fruit every day, milk, meat, fish, vegetables… He eats pretty much anything, and that’s why I can go to McDonalds occasionally with a certain piece of mind. On top of that he is a firecracker who spends his days running, swimming, playing around… and yes, watching some TV.
The problem is not TV itself or big fast food chains. The problem is the amount, and that’s within our control. The problem is the Big Mac followed by the mac and cheese, followed by the chicken nuggets followed by seven hours of TV. I have been extremely surprised to see how the same people who ban their kids from eating candy will serve them for dinner a gooey serving of the orangy stuff, or just pop processed food in a microwave.
If there is something I didn’t adopt from the American way of raising kids, is the nutritional part. Since he was 1 Little L has eaten from whatever we eat. By age three, he eats pretty much everything but cheese, is adventurous about trying new exotic foods, and even helps me cook and plant vegetables and flowers. I want him to know where his food comes from. I was raised in the Spanish countryside, so I always did. And it does the trick. They will eat what they cook. But for that being possible, the parents have to cook in the first place. And stop blaming McDonalds for all of our culinary sins. I would be happy to post easy nutritious recipes that don’t cost a fortune. And you can find cheap fine produce in many places, from Trader Joe’s to Pete’s to Mexican markets. Just give it a try. And enjoy your occasional Big Mac, Whopper, or the likes.

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