English kid friendly Mexique restaurants


1529 W Chicago Ave

Here goes my first restaurant review. I owe everybody a warning: I’m neither a trained cook or journalist, just a plain aficionada. I guess in Chicago I could be considered a foodie, in Spain I would be considered normal. I like food, from the garden to the table setting, including the cooking process. And I feel at ease when I’m in my kitchen. I’m at my happiest. Which is how Carlos Gaytan must feel at his, otherwise his food wouldn’t be as good as it is. I dine out often and there hasn’t been a restaurant that caused such a good impression in a long time. The first thing being the space. From a Mexican-French restaurant you either expect your usual colorful decoration or some old fashion French. Mexique is none, it’s a long sleek space, decorated with gusto and care, minimalist without feeling cold. It made us feel comfortable since we entered, despite the fact that our toddler was with us. They seemed kid friendly and accommodating from the beginning, which is welcomed in the quality restaurant circuit, where so many people are uptight at best regarding kids.
Our server was prompt to take our drink orders and bring them to the table. We were there for brunch, and the offerings were varied and original, as well as fulfilling. I order the Huarache de carne asada, and it was delicious. Riquísimo. The most tender carne asada I have ever tasted on a soft corn masa infused with rosemary. It melted in my mouth. And the chef respected my wishes. I like my meat well done, and he managed to do it without charring it or making it loose it’s tenderness. Not an easy accomplishment, I can tell you. And the creme brulee we ordered for dessert was soft and delicate, as it should be, with a very fine cape of caramel con top. I loved it and I’m not a dessert person. I can’t wait to go there for dinner. Hopefully, it will be soon, because the place is a keeper. Try it, because they deserve to stay around. And definite;ly bring your kids.

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