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The next step

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but I barely have time. Between my classes, little L, and little Pb’s therapy this is the first Saturday morning when I have a few minutes to write. And that’s because I’m ignoring the pile of plates that await me in the kitchen sink. Little Pb has been doing therapy with three different ladies for a couple of months. There has been some progress, but not enough, so yesterday he got his first set of hearing aids. So far, so good. He wore them one hour yesterday and three hours today. He didn’t seem bothered by them, and he actually cried a little when I removed them before putting him to nap. Of course, he takes them off, but much less than we expected. We’ll see how he does when he has to wear them all day long. It’s still too early to know whether they are helping, because even if they make him hear more, that doesn’t mean that he is understanding what we say, since this is a neural problem, and not a sensory one. A small percentage of ANDS kids do well enough with hearing aids. It would be great if he is one of them.
Little L and I have one week of classes to go, and then we will have a couple of weeks in Chicago’s steaming summer before we all go to Spain. I think it will be good for everyone, we really need a break, and spending the summer there makes things much easier. This is like going back to the 80s, when my friends from the cities would spend the summer in my village with their grandparents or mothers while the  parents worked. We are doing the same, but I think that will be healthy for the kids.
In a few days I will post complaining about the heat, no doubt 😉

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  1. The aids are so subtle I didn't notice until after I read your post and went back to look at the pics again.

    What a sweetie pie!

    I hope we can see you in Spain!

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