I’m on a bus, number 8 through Halste, northbound at 9 pm. My kids are at home, and I’m going back there after a late class. I’m trying to read a book, but I can’t because of the piercing cry of a one year old (approximation here) who is seating in front of me. It’s not her fault, she doesn’t know better. But her mom is too busy playing in her IPhone to try to console her or keep her entertained. From time to time she stop to scream: “Shut up!”. I’m a coward, because I didn’t dare to tell the mom to pay attention to her baby. 

I know what it is to travel with a screaming kid. Bus, train, plane, car, you name it, I have done them. But I never talked to my kids which such anger. 
Luckily, there is another mom in the bus. She seems tired, she is probably going back home from work. Her kid, probably around one too, sleeps peacefully in her chest, where she seats in a baby carrier, covered with a well washed blanket, cuddled and happy.
These two girls are going to have very different experiences growing up. And that will mark their lives. If more moms were like the second one, this city would be much more peaceful. We are nurturers, for better or for worse.

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