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The trains are lonely, and so is this mom

I just arrived home to find it empty for the first time. Until this week, I would be greeted by a little firecracker, running to me and giggling, waiting to have lunch together. Or to not let me eat it, which was more common. But I will take all the half eaten lunches that got cold while I tended to him over the orderly one I will have today, alone with my paper.

I look at his trains, and they look sad, like me. They are used to spend many hours a day being played by my little Pb. But little Pb started school this week, and had a rough first day, but he is fine by now, and I miss him, and I don’t want the silence, or the quietness, I want my little baby running around, and climbing onto things, and making a mess, but always, always putting a smile to my day. 

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