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Welcome to my fifth blog!

I started blogging seven years ago. When I was little I always thought I would be a writer. As I studied literature in college and graduate school, I realized that there were so many people much better than me at it, that being a critic would be enough. And then Twitter and blogs were invented. I occasionally tweet, and I like to browse for a quick glance, but the media that immediately caught my attention were blogs. Because, let’s be honest, 140 characters are not anywhere near enough, right?

For a few years I blogged randomly, letting months pass between very random posts. If you want to read them, you can still find them here: http://spanishmom.blogspot.com/ I also had a couple more blogs, one of them regarding a very specific topic that I will address sooner or later, and the other one in Spanish. But I have always oddly felt more comfortable blogging in English.

So, here we go now, into this new adventure. I don’t pretend to preach, or teach, but if someone finds useful information, comfort and entertainment here, I will be happy. Being a mom can feel lonely and be challenging, and sometimes just reading about someone else’s journey can be enough to make you feel better. As can be writing it. Enjoy!
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