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May the Fourth

I never liked Star Wars. I didn’t watch the movies as a kid, and science fiction was not on my radar, either as a reader or as avid movie watcher. I was twenty by the time I watched one of them. I was spending an Study Abroad year in Leeds, England, thanks to an infamous Erasmus grant. My friends dragged me to the release midnight session of what had to be Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It being at midnight, and we being Erasmus students, we were quite drunk by the time the movie started. There ends my recollection of that night, and my contact with Star Wars for a long long while. Fast forward thirteen years, and I am writing a blog post on it.

How did this happen? In 2012 Disney bought Lucasfilm. At that very same time, my oldest became best friends with a classmate whose parents (and by extension himself) were huge fans of Star Wars. And my fate as an scholar oblivious to the world of sci-fi was doomed. Now my house is infested in Star Wars Lego figures, we wear Darth Vader masks, my 4 year old begs to watch the movies and reenacts them when he gets to see them, and losing our only Yoda figure would cause a tragedy of galactic proportions. We have stickers, books, toys, costumes. I wouldn’t mind to dress up, family style, like Star Wars characters for Halloween.

Bottomline: if you can’t beat the force, let it be with you. Embrace it. And have fun.

Currently, Yoda is the sixth member of this family.
Currently, Yoda is the sixth member of this family.

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