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5 things from Spain that I am missing now

As grateful as I am to the US for all the things it has given me, there are some things that I will never get here. Again, as I said yesterday, family and friends are what I miss the most. Yesterday I had the opportunity of showing the city to a childhood friend who was here for 24 hours, and there is nothing like those long dinners catching up with an old friend. Also, I miss a certain ease to socialize, a relaxed way of living. Spaniards work to live, whereas here, in America, we seem to live to work.

But apart from that, there are other things, things that seem more trivial, that I also miss. These are some ofthe things that make me still call Spain home, even though the only property titles I own are in American soil.

To the many foreigners that are now part of this melting pot: Which are the things that you miss most?

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