My nth (and hopefully last) blog

If you know me in real life, you know that I get quite antsy if I am not busy. And that is probably an understatement. 

In the last couple of months I have not only started a new decade along with everyone else (Hello, Roaring Twenties!!!!), but I have also started the fifth decade of my life, as I turned the feared 40 year old corner last Fall. And I have to report, from this side of the midlife crisis, that 40 feels pretty damn good. 

Not satisfied with that, in the last couple of weeks I have started a new work project, I am launching my new blog, and I have had my fourth baby. I was going to wait a bit longer to write on the blog, but I have been eager to write for a long time, and the news threw a prompt at me too timely to wait on it, so here I am, introducing you to Nesting in Chicago late on a Saturday night, so I can write my first post tomorrow. 

After blogging with Chicago Now for several years, with the valued support of former editor Jimmy Greenfield, and the wonderful community of bloggers he created, I decided over the summer to move my blog somewhere else. I was in Spain, and the fact that the Tribune group hasn’t complied with GDPR prevented me from reading or writing on my own blog while in Europe. Likewise, it prevented my European friends and family from reading what I write. And they are pretty much 90% of my followers, after all. so it made sense to fix the situation. If that wasn’t enough, posts were full of advertisement. It was time to move on, and I slowly started to figure out how to do it. 

Since I am not that tech savvy, I asked a few fellow bloggers (special thanks to Sheila Quirke, of Mary Tyler Mom Writes for always being an inspiration and giving great advice) , and hired a web developer. We have both taken our time making sure that everything was exactly what I wanted, including the logo and image, which original idea came from the mind and pencil of Inés Gómara Tattoli. The whole process was quite relaxed and painless, from an initial meeting at the patio of Colectivo Coffee in late summer, to this cold February night. And here is the result. Nesting in Chicago houses all my posts from Chicago Now, as well as the ones from my two prior blogs, one of them in Spanish. While I most likely will write more in English, I am intent on posting regularly in Spanish too. The Spanish posts won’t be mere translations, but rather responses to the realities of my country of birth. 

I am going to miss the back up of my blogger community, but I will relish the freedom and control over my content and its appearance. There will be no advertisement, and no spam coming out from here. Just thoughts, and words, some photos and a lot of chaos. If it helps even just one person, it will be worth my time, and the effort we have put to make it happen. 

One of my promises to myself the day I turned 40 was to write more. So here I am, looking forward to do just that, and to exchange opinions with my readers. With you. 

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