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My Self/Shelf Book Challenge: March

While most of the world is reading more than they normally would, the coronavirus pandemic is wrecking havoc on my reading goals. I normally do most of my reading while riding public transportation or in waiting rooms while my kids are in therapy, waiting for a pediatrician’s appointment, the pick up line at school… All of those things have being wiped off the map of my life, which means that the only time I would have to read is either when I wake up or right before I go to sleep. But considering that I have turned into a teacher in the morning, and I have to do my actual job during the late night, that time has vanished too.

In February I was able to read more than usual because I was blessed with a peaceful baby, and I got to spend some time in bed recovering while the other three were at school

March has been… different. Still, I made it through two wonderful poetry books, and managed to stay one book ahead in my Goodreads race to 40, mainly thanks to the fact that I read poetry to the baby after every feeding. Yes, adult poetry. He’ll have plenty of time for Dr. Seuss.

Poetry may be just what you need right now, a little window to beauty, to the calm established by rhyme and imagery, a little chanting to calm our anxiety. Just try it for a bit, and try it aloud. It is liberating.

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