Aren’t you sometimes mad at the world with no justification? I have one of those days. Actually, it started yesterday. I’m specially mad at my husband for not being home. Then I realize I don’t mind it that much because I miss his presence, but because I miss the things he does, like taking care of the baby, who gets kind of crazy if he doesn’t see his dad. I don’t blame him, I guess that sometimes he must be done with seeing me. It happens to me to.
Then, the oven guy came yesterday, without the piece I told the appointment lady my son had ripped off from the oven’s door. Supposedly he is coming today, but, you know? It’s Thanksgiving, busy times… That’s the point, Kid, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I need that darn oven fixed by then. Like with birthdays, I don’t feel crazy about the holidays this year. I usually enjoy cooking, and decorating the house and the tree, but this year I feel like I couldn’t care less. I have no clue about the reason. It’s true that last year was amazing, and this year I will miss my German friend, Marina, who moved back to Germany. It was great having her and her family over, and planning the dinner together. The prospect for this year is not the same. Although if experience works, the occasions you expect the least from are the ones that give you the most. Let’s see how that works.

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