burger English oven Thanksgiving


Apparently we survived it once again. Even with a broken oven. It decided to stop working while I was baking a cheesecake. Of course four of my dishes had to spend some time in the oven, including the beef tenderloin (I don’t do turkey because I hate birds, dead, cooked, or alive) I intended to roast, that ended up being cut in filet mignons, and pan fried. I even made up a cognac and shallot gravy. But I was kind of mad for a while. Otherwise everything went well, yummy food I took six hours to prepare and that we ate in about fifteen minutes, but that’s always the case. And I have plenty of leftovers, which is my favorite part. I may post my gnocchi recipe here later. But I have to translate it from Spanish first, and that sounds like too much work after all the wine I drank yesterday. Which wasn’t objectively a lot, some years ago it would have been a joke for me, a drinking appetizer. But given my recent lifestyle, a couple of glasses definitely get me on the mood. It’s a pity that husband has to work the whole weekend… Hopefully we’ll be able to go see the Zoo Lights tonight. I’m going to be very upset if we don’t. Very, very upset. I am also salivating while I think about a big RJ Grunts Gruntburger. Mmmmmmhhhh…

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