Maybe Spring?

For the third time this year (and the other two took place in February) it’s warm in Chicago. By warm I mean we were able to go to the park, we were able to leave our coats hanging in the stroller (most moms were still wearing them, probably not trusting their senses after such a long winter), we were able to have lunch in a patio, watching the trains while my son screamed “choochooooooo!!!!!” every time we saw one. Spring may be here. Finally. I can’t wait to go back to the park tomorrow. Today, all of a sudden a group of about 40 7 year olds arrived to the park and took the whole place… At first, as moms of toddlers, we tried to remove our kids from their energetic way, in case they got run over… Of course my adventurous baby, who will be two in one week, decided that being around the old kids was more fun, so there he went. I was totally scared until he had a moment of hesitation before climbing up one more step, and one of the big kids held him and got him up. Then he carefully helped him go down the slide. It was a very cute moment that gave me some hope about the future of their generation. At that age they don’t think before acting. But if they are still able to be generous and kind, and give you a huge smile in the meantime, we have a better future ahead of us. It was a teaching moment for me. That boy with the big smile taught me many things today.

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