A day in the park

Some days I wish I could go back to work, to my PhD, anywhere but where I am. But today I felt really happy to be a stay at home mom. For the first time in weeks it was really niece outside. Nice enough to go out without a sweater (fellow Chicagoans will understand what this means). We went to the park with a friend and her kids, we run into another childless friend at the Post Office, and she joined us. The kids had lots of fun and activity and air (not pure, but air still), and it was so nice that I decided to run home and prepare some food to have a picnic in the park. It was messy (try to feed toddlers in the ground), but great. For the first time since I moved to this neighborhood I had a sense of community. We even run into Little L’s swimming class teacher. It was good. The best part? We still have half a sweet nice day to go, and another playdate in the park at five. Now I have two shifts, the morning one with the stay at home moms, and the afternoon one with the working moms. Because I don’t believe in wars…

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