Today I learned that my 14 year old nephew and godson sold the last birthday gift we sent him, a pair of trainers he apparently didn’t like. We took our time to pick them up for him, but it didn’t work. I am not angry, but I am disappointed. We don’t return gifts, exchange them or e-bay them. We keep them, and thank them. Even that horrible pair of Canadian horns my mother-in-law brought us when they visited Chicago. We may not display them, but they are somewhere here, they weren’t thrown away, sold, donated. I think the new generation is losing all sense of manners. The blame should go on their parents, who laugh at their ideas, like my sister today. Not schools, not society, not the kids. It’s the parents. You get your ticket in the genetic pool, and then you make the best out of it. At least you should try. As a mother of a mischievous two year old I know I will make many mistakes. But at least I try my best to teach my son a couple of basic principles: respect and generosity. If he gets those two, we are off to a good start. Let’s see.

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