Blogging bug

I haven’t written in a while. I have been busy, or stressed, I guess. My year so far can be summarized in: a very long winter, two miscarriages, an exhausting trip, three months worth of visitors and a job. The last one looks promising, and it may be a sign that things are going to start to go better. We didn’t have a lucky year so far. In three weeks I will leave stay at home mommyhood to become a part time teacher of Spanish in a local University. I can’t wait. I haven’t taught in almost three years, and that makes me a little uneasy, but the mere thought of being able to use my commute to read excites me. Beyond believe. It will be only twice a week for a couple of hours, but it’s a good start, specially in the middle of a recession and with a two year gap in my CV. We may also move back to my beloved Lincoln Park, but that is pending. I need to leave this place, which I think is taking all the energy I had left, which was not much t start with.
Why did the blogging bug attack? I went to watch Julie and Julia with a friend tonight, and I just couldn’t resist all that typewritting, as I couldn’t resist all that smoking, and I wouldn’t have resisted all that beef bourgignon if I had been able to find a place that served it at midnight in Chicago. I briefly played with the idea of going to a Borders, getting the book, and cooking it myself, but last time I checked there were no emergency butchers around. This is not New York, or Tokyo or London. If it’s midnight, you just got to McDonald’s. I resisted that, at least. I guess I’m back. And this time it better is for good.

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