And I don’t refer to the ones I’m trying to teach my son. I’m talking about the kind you put in an envelope, and post through the mail, with a stamp on it. I am one of those weird people who still prefer letters to e-mail. It may be the hopeless romantic hiding at the bottom of my self. But there is something in the whole process that makes me happy. From picking up the paper and the envelope, the pen I’m going to use (and I still use fountain pens), placing a pretty stamp on it, and taking it to the mailbox, whether it is a blue USPS one, a yellow one for Correos or my favorite, the red Royal Mail. Letters are so personal… You have to put your time and effort in them, inside that envelope. It’s easier to communicate your feelings through them. And there are not many things that make me as happy as seeing another envelope with my name on it in my own mailbox. The electronic experience has nothing to do against the paper one (said the blogger, in an ironic twist). So, all of you, go get pen and paper, and start… It’s relaxing. And cheaper than a mani-pedi. And it will make someone happy. You don’t need to go to Paper Source. CVS will do.

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