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What a month I have. I found a teaching job, I’m moving to my favorite neighborhood and former building, my son is finally (when I find one we like with a reasonable waiting list) going to school… And what do I do in my busiest month in three years? I get hooked into a novel. A novel I actually intended not to read. It’s the first of a trilogy that has been huge in Spain for the last three years. The author is Swedish, Stieg Larsson, and the name of the trilogy is Millennium. The title of the first novel in English is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, much better translated into Spanish as Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres. At first I refused to read it as I do with most best sellers. But I eventually always end up falling for them, even The Da Vinci Code, four years late. But this one is actually really good, specially if you like mystery novels, as I do. I liked it so much that I destroyed it, as I have been doing with long books since I had little L. On Saturday I stayed up until 2 am skipping through it. I don’t skip pages, I just read the central column of every page until I reach the end. It’s a visual trick, you just need some words to understand a text.
Going back to real life, I’m going to start teaching at a local private university in two weeks. Spanish 101 and 104. I’m excited, because I haven’t worked in almost three years. And scared. Do I still remember how to teach? How is L going to do in daycare? I feel like a traitor, sending him there, but we think he will be happy surrounded by other kids. He enjoys playing with other children in the park, and in Chicago in the Winter, there is no park.
I will post about the move another day, because the lease hasn’t been signed yet and we don’t want to jinx it.
But if you have a few hours available, try the book.
Back to life.

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