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Back to work

Now I know what working moms talked about when they said they are busy. Today is Monday, and yesterday I went to bed at 2:30 am. I was grading until then. Both my classes had homework due and exams last week, and since I only gained access to the University system last week, I am still trying to set up all my Blackboard functions. I am exhausted. Beyond exhausted. I haven’t almost had any time for myself, which is terrible, because I am terribly hooked to the second Millennium book. These week all the big TV series had their big seasons premieres. I usually watch a bunch of them, but this time I was only able to catch a part of House on Monday. I missed Law & Order SVU (although after a very judgemental episode on vaccines I swore I would never watch it again), Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and part of Brothers and Sisters. I also would like to watch some Jay Leno. I like the guy, I guess I fit in the 5o year old demographic. But I guess I have to say goodbye to TV. Our Netflix copy of Slumdog Millionaire has been sitting in the counter top of two different apartments for months now. Yes, more than two.
Little L is not doing too good in school. The other day he was throwing toys to other kids. And according to his teacher (too young, too blonde, too innocent) the worst part is that he is a good hitter, with a strong hand. I would have cracked up, and then I realized that I am actually his mom. So I shouldn’t. I have to adult up, and try to help him ease his stress over the whole school thing. We were sure he would love it, because he loves to be with kids. But apparently he is so mad, that for the first seven days he got the teacher convinced that he doesn’t understand any English. And trust me, he does. Absolutely everything. And there is no mom’s pride involved in my statement. Some friendly wisdom I got on Saturday from my very pregnant Spanish friend: routine, routine, routine. We’ll try it. It may work. We had a lovely and very Spanish evening at her very Spanish apartment. Una velada encantadora. I only met her in January, but I’m growing very close to her. Which helps when you get disappointed by other friends. But I won’t get into that. It’s Monday and it should start with a positive note. I had a very happy and very busy weekend. So now I feel like that very useful little blue engine…

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