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Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. I was rooting for Chicago, a fact that surprised many people, who would expect a Spaniard to root for Madrid. But I have lived here for six years. I know they would have been great in this city. But probably Mayor Daley doesn’t fit the European like diplomacy that goes on before this kind of election. Maybe next time. I’m just sad we won’t see Obama hosting them. In another order of things, I’m mesmerized by the David Letterman story. Not by the story itself, but how it is being told. For a long time I wanted to be a journalist, and as a Literature major I remain interested in how the media work. Depending on what you are reading, the headline is totally different. They could be divided in two groups, the ones that start
“David Letterman had sex with his female employees”, and the ones that state “David Letterman denounces blackmailing attempt”. Depending on which of the two you get, the guy is pictured as a devil or a hero. Of course I have my opinion on the issue, he was very brave to denounce it, and whom he sleeps with is none of our business. But I’m surprised to see that in American media, it’s him the one that’s getting the guilty mediatic verdict, instead of the guy who actually committed a crime, the blackmailer. It’s just a thought.

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