English fire grading hotel

Wired after the fire

I’m trapped in a huge hotel bed. I guess it is a King size bed, although since I have a Full, anything looks big to me. I’m trapped by wires, the one that connects me to the Internet to my left, the one that connects me to an electric outlet to my right. I should be grading exams, but I had a night too interesting not to tell about it. It started fine, I was grading, while delicious bolognese pasta was being cooked in the kitchen. And then, my name screamed interrupted me. I took my son, left the apartment, called the doorman, sit down by the elevator with my heart racing… It was little, but smokey. They managed to take care of it, but the smell of burned plastic was so dense, and Little L’s throat and mine were already so sore by our lovely colds/infections.whatevers that we (meaning I) decided to spend the night at a hotel, so we could sleep. The bed is comfortable. We are downtown. It could even be sexy, if it weren’t for the fact that there is a toddler sleeping in the room with us. And I still have to grade. But I have to make sure I can still be fair…

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