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I hear that we are in a recession. And somehow, even when I am not looking for one, job interviews land in my lap. The last one is quite bizarre, so much that I did it today and I am still not sure of what the job is. I don’t think the employer has a clear idea either. Which makes it double fun. He is an artist with a gallery that is selling very well. And he needs what we could describe as a marketing/PR adviser, none of which I am, but both of which I could become. It sounds really interesting, and as we say in Spanish, I think I am able to sell sand in the desert, so, if I am offered the job, I may give it a try. It’s a challenge. And I love those. I have half a PhD in Spanish Literature, but I don’t think that will fly as marketing experience. But the guy is a risk taker who seems to go with the flow, and I am certainly flowy… I will keep posting about this.
Last Friday I went to a Department drink meeting, and I really enjoyed meeting the people who work there, including the cute young Italian professor. Hmmmm, maybe I should start taking Italian classes again. And I found out that they are going to renew my contract for Winter, and most likely Spring. I’m very happy about it, since I like my students, and they like me enough to want to sign up for my classes. I may not be the disaster I think I am. And I love the University where I am teaching.
Little L likes his new teacher, although I am not sure if I like the daycare enough. I’m still on the lookout for something I like better. While I do that, I wait impatiently for my mom to send me the third installment of Millennium. Is nowhere to be found in the United States. So she is shipping it from Spain.

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