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Silk Road Theater

Today I attended my first fundraiser. I have to say tat it was a very American experience. For Europeans like me, it’s a gathering of people to raise funds for a cause. You meet for drinks, dinner and dance or a show. You buy tickets to profit the cause. And you try to attract more people from outside. Pretty much what the Catholic church has been doing for several centuries. I have to say that it was fun. A friend took me there, since she had a last minute spare ticket. The food was good, we dined at the Walnut Room in the former Marshall Fields. Then we headed to the Silk Road Theater, which is located in the basement of the First United Methodist church downtown. For Chicago outsiders, this is a church that has twenty stories between the church and the tower. Stories with windows, it looks like a remarkable office building. The theater itself is the charity, and it tries to address issues of diversity in America. The show was very well put together, enjoyable, and performed by an ensemble that was very dedicated to the project. A lovely night. And I even had some extra entertainment exchanging glances with an extremely well dressed Bardem lookalike who seemed completely serious and insensitive until he started singing along to one of the songs from Miss Saigon. Curioso.

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