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Since little L has decided that he prefers to speak English, and since we want to watch the King’s address to the nation on Christmas Eve, and the Reyes Magos parade (or cabalgata in Spanish) on January the 5th, I upgraded our cable so we can watch Spanish national Television, or Televisión Española. I’m so excited about it that I haven’t stopped watching the thing for three days, even though it wouldn’t be my channel of preference were I in Spain. But it’s the only one I can get here, and that makes it precious. There are not many things that make me feel so at home. Maybe a couple of magazines, like Hola (the Spanish People) or some foods, like Cola Cao or espárragos en lata. And I was very lucky that I was able to catch two very interesting interviews, done by Juan Ramón Lucas, with two gentleman I really admire: Joaquín Sabina, my favorite singer-songwriter, and the author of the song which title I stole for the one of this blog, and José Saramago, a portuguese writer so well known that he won the nobel Prize of Literature in 1998. I have seen both in person, Sabina in a concert almost ten years ago in Vitoria, in the Teatro Principal, and Saramago in a weeklong narrative workshop at Santander’s well known summer university, UIMP, with a very good friend, and a long lost venezuelan lover. Itruly enjoyed both experiences, and learned from their wisdom. If you can watch their interviews, do it. If not, you can listen to any of Sabina’s songs, or read any of Saramago’s books, and you will for sure learn something new. My favorites: Y sin embargo, of course. And El evangelio según Jesucristo. Enjoy.

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