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US 1 – SPAIN 0

No, I´m not talking about soccer. I´m talking about motherhood. Every time I come to Spain I´m puzzled by how badly behaved Spanish kids are. They are bratsy, unrespectful, and mischievious at best. And I´m coming to realize why. While American moms spend their time educating their kids, not caring that much about their houses, Spanish moms invest most of their time dusting and ironing, while they expect their kids to learn on their own while they do that. I definitely prefer the North American way. Actually, I know some well behaved kids in my home country. But their moms belong to my generation, the first on in which some of us don’t care that much about our houses.
If I have to choose between cooking for one hour to put a decent meal on the table or dusting for ten minutes, I prefer cooking any day of the week. If I take my son to the park, I don’t need to have my hair styled before, and I will not wear heels. A pair of jeans should do. And I don’t pretend my son to play without getting filthy. He will. And he will be a happy filthy child. But I prefer that to the sad looking little faces I have seen sometimes, strapped to their strollers so they don’t ruin their clothes.
As I said, I’m with the US on this one. Happily.

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