Three months

It´s the time that went by. I had a life for those three months, and I will tell about it in my next post, since my visit to Spain deserves one for itself. But now I want to talk about today. It´s one of those sunny/rainy days in chicago´s summer. I like them, you can do so many things with them… like iron, go to Target, run some errands, blog, read, walk for a little bit, organize closets, enjoy silence while son naps and hubby is in storage locker. To warm to cook, but so many other things are waiting to be done.

I feel productive these days. I keep myself as busy as I can. I decided to spend his last summer before starting school with my little L who, at three years of age, is no so little anymore. I am so tired at night that I go to sleep around eleven. My plans for the summer? Park, pool, read, beach, picnic, concert, beer, paella, white wine, friends, guests, pizza al fresco, play, read some more, maybe even write and blog.
What did I do with the three months of the title? Spent half of them in Spain, got myself a job for the Fall semester, learned that my son had been accepted at a school we really like, reconnected with friends in both sides of the Atlantic, hosted one of them for a month, spent a day at the Spa (Friday, which explains my relaxed mood), lost ten pounds, had a haircut, sunbathed, swam, saw a couple of castles, made my parents happy for some weeks, had some weeks of happiness myself, saw how my son potty trained himself…
I could keep going, but this is starting to be boring already. I promise a post about our Spanish trip with pictures included. And another one about traveling with kids. But for now, you know i am alive. And kicking 😉

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