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La vida de los peces

When I lived in Spain (single and childless) I used to go to the movies quite often, about twice a week. Since I moved to the States, got married, had kids, that doesn’t happen any longer. Which is shame, because I really love film. But nowadays, I watch more children’s movies in the theater than anything else. That’s what makes occasions like yesterday special. About to give birth any day, and knowing that going out won’t be an option in a while, I went to watch a movie from the Chicago Latino Film Festival with some friends. And it was great. From time to time I like a movie so much that I become sort of obsessed with it: I constantly listen to the soundtrack, research the director/actors and recommend it to everyone. My last addition to that list is La vida de los peces. It’s a Chilean movie by young director Matías Bize (I want to think he is young because we were born on the same year). And it was great from start to finish, the setting, the characters, the performances, the screenplay, the music, the rhythm. If a drama can make me laugh hysterically, it has to be good. And there were hilarious moments in the plot, probably bizarre moments from an American point of view.

It tells the story of Andrés, a journalist who travels around the world and goes back to his native Chile after ten years. There he meets his old friends, and his former girlfriend, with whom he is still deeply in love. It is a great love story, and a very realistic one. Most of us are cowards regarding love, to scared of losing security over it. That’s the lesson here, if there is one.
But apart from the great screenplay, technically is a very good movie. Bize manages to create an atmosphere that doesn’t end up being claustrophobic even though the whole movie happens in a house. But the way the camera follows the characters around the rooms and garden, and the use of the focus and lighting makes it look like a magic underwater world.
And on top of everything else, and without wanting to sound frivolous (let’s blame it on my nine months of pregnancy) the actor ho portrays Andrés, Santiago Cabrera, is as hot a s they come.
I hadn’t been so impressed since Io sono l’amore, which I watched last summer. They share some common elements, and a topic, but at the same time couldn’t be more different.
If you can, watch it. It’s absolutely worth your time and money. I just wish Spain would produce movies as good as this one.

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