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Fifty Words

A long time ago, back when I lived in a small city is Spain, I used to go to the theater quite often. A very good theater festival and a father an brother in law who were in politics and passed me the tickets they didn’t want helped to feed my drama hunger.

Since I moved here I think i have attended four plays. In eight years. Sad, isn’t it? The last one was yesterday night, with three friends, in a very cozy tiny theater in the north of Chicago called Profiles Theater. The play was Fifty Words, directed by Joe Jahraus. The theater itself is very interesting, a tiny place, probably not more than fifty seats, each half set on one side of the stage. It makes it feel very intimate. Which in a play that gets as intimate as this one, may be too close. Specially if you are in first row and things start flying out of the refrigerator (I forgot to mention that the whole action happens in a Kitchen) and break a mere foot from your own feet. Despite the risk it involves, I still loved the ambiance it gave to the night.
The play shows us a night in the life of a married couple, in particular the first one they spend alone since their son was born nine years before. The absence of their son makes them talk about things not related to him, and the underlying problems the couple faces start to surface. Infidelity, bankruptcy, anger, frustration, all drive the action to a climatic, violent and very graphic sex scene. I won’t spoil the end, since I’m not a drama critic and I don’t have the right to do so. It’s worth going to see it and find out for yourselves.
The performances were both good, although i found Darrell W. Cox’s Adam way more credible than Katherine Keberlein’s Jan. Still, she has a difficult character to perform, going from coldness to giggles to rage in mere minutes.
I just hope this turns into a regular outing, because I really enjoyed the play, the company and the night out.

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