Apple babies English hurry

Are we all Apple crazy or what?

I certainly am. I’m trying to buy an IPad for my parents 50th wedding anniversary (I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but I’m going to load it with pictures from the last 50 years). I’ve gone several times to the Apple store to no avail, they don’t have the model I’m looking for. I’ve called every day this week to check if the received it, since they don’t put items on hold. And today I finally got a positive answer. So I got quickly dressed and put my newborn on the carrier only for him to spit on me big time. I got him out, got rid of my bra and t-shirt, and put the Baby Bjorn back on. Only when I was by the door did I realize that I forgot to put another t-shirt on. I was in such a hurry that I almost exited my apartment half naked. I even drove with the Baby Bjorn still attached to me (don’t worry, I put the baby on his car seat). I can’t say much about the comfort level of that thing when worn underneath a belt.
And that IPad? By the time Ia arrived to the store, 15 minutes after my call, they were gone. Sigo buscando.

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