Mmmmhhh. It’s been a long summer, and I will have to find some time for a long post about it, and a couple more about restaurants I have liked lately. But first, and before the hangover is gone, I want to write about a band I saw yesterday in Chicago, in a concert at the Instituto Cervantes. The are called DePedro, and I hadn’t heard about them before. Living so far from Spain it’s difficult to keep track of new bands, especially if they play in the indie circuit. I went by chance, and I loved it. My only complain is that being in an Auditorium, we weren’t able to dance. Because some of their songs have contagious rhythms that your body is going to dance to even if you are sitting down, the lack of space was unfortunate. I liked the tunes, the lyrics, and the playfulness they instilled to their live show. It’s always challenging to play in front of a small audience, but as we say in Spain, “se metieron al público en el bolsillo”. Everyone seemed to love the band, the concert, and the optimistic tone of their songs. And they were pretty cool personally. We went for a beer at the Green Mill (which deserves an entry on its own) afterwards, and seeing a seasoned musician enjoy someone else’s music so much is always refreshing. I’ll leave a link to a beautiful song they perform with Russian Red, one of the trendiest songwriters in Spain right now. Go listen to them! You won’t be disappointed, and in their albums you will be able to find music for all kind of moments. From dance worthy tunes to boleros. They are definitely joining my ITunes.
PD: credits to Natalia for sending me the video.
PPD: María, I hope we go together to another concert in Chicago. I missed you last night.

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