I just inadvertently found myself playing with Nymbler. What was I doing there? Nymbler is a website that helps you find baby names. But I’m not pregnant. I guess that while I stopped this morning at Carter’s to buy PJs for my boys I saw all these baby girl’s dresses, and footsies, and the likes, and I went all hormonal. As if I don’t have enough in my plate. My last 30 days have been nuts. Just nuts. I returned to Chicago after two months in Spain, five days later my dad had surgery to fix a problem with the IAD  he has by his heart, I started a new job, Not so Little L started Kindergarten, Little Pb has had a good bunch (and that means more than 10) of appointments with therapists, audiologists, pediatricians, etc, and on top of all that my grandma passed away yesterday. I’m 5000 miles away while my whole family is saying goodbye to her. She lived a very long live, and she hadn’t recognized us for a few years (she was in her late 90s), so it was expected. All her children had time to go by her side to say goodbye to her, which was good. But I think it has affected me more than I expected. As usual, when something happens when you are far away, it’s effect on you multiplies. I should take a day to process everything that has happened in the last month. But that won’t happen, for sure. The moms out there know that free days don’t exist. So the processing will have to wait. Until then, I hope my hormones don’t take over control. Or then I will need Nymbler for real.

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