Moving forward

As usual, my blogging has been erratic at best. I have been wanting to write an update about Pablo’s ANSD for weeks, and here I am, one day post CI surgery. He is playing in his crib, at home. I’m writing and hoping that the nurse I just talked to is right and that he is actually unable to pull his ear away. This has been a worry of mine all day long, until exhaustion kicked in and I decided that after ten hours glued to each other Pablo and I needed some time apart. In Spain, he would have stayed in the hospital for three nights (I know because I asked). Here, we brought him home four hours after he left the OR. To tell you the truth, that made me a little uneasy. I am not a nurse, or a doctor, just a mom who doesn’t even know how to properly put on a Band-Aid.
I have to note that Mr Husband was away in London (to add insult to injury, my favourite city in the world) for six days until the very night before the surgery. Six days alone with the kids combined with a timely strep throat and the stress of having my little bug operated had left me almost agonizing. I can’t work, read, write, cook or do anything else other than stupidly staring at Facebook. That needs to change. Although I suspect that the antibiotics I’m taking (since my strep throat is real) are partly to blame, so i may have three more days of this.
So, the CI (cochlear implant) was implanted yesterday in a three hour surgery. He had general anesthesia, which was my biggest fear and the main risk of this surgery in particular. It was a very long morning, but his surgeon was very pleases with the results afterwards. We came home a few hours later, and Pablo took care of his bandage during the night. Being a little bit afraid of stitches at first I didn’t want to look, but our Dr did an amazing job and you can’t even see them. He is comfortable, and the pain medication I gave him with the intention of helping him take a nap gave him a kick and now he is all hyper jumping and spinning in the crib. If I had gone through what he did yesterday, and would have the bruises and swelling he has, I would be weeping away in the couch, in tears. He is all happy, still my lovely always happy Pb. That was my other fear: that the surgery would somehow impact his bubbly personality. So far, it hasn’t. And I hope it will remain like that.

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