New Year resolution

As I can barely find my computer in a desk that has never been messier (and for this lover of chaos in desks, that means big fat unstable piles of stuff), and try to play with a kid who refuses to and just wants to look at his books, I started thinking about this blog. When I first posted here, I just wanted to vent, as stay at home mommyhood’s isolation was driving me crazy. Then I wanted to add restaurant/book/movie reviews that I hardly have time to write. And finally, when we found out that Little Pb is deaf, I thought that it could be a good idea to document his journey in case it can help other parents. As if I don’t have enough with teaching three classes, raising two kids, learning ASL, going to therapy at least three times a week with one of said kids, being a room parent at the other kid’s class so he doesn’t feel left out, running a house and occasionally taking a shower and entertaining guests, I will try to update this blog more often, a few times a week. I don’t want to broadcast my life, which is quite boring, but help other people in any of my situations: Spanish (or foreign) mom living in the U.S., U.S. resident suffering cultural shock every summer when she goes back home, alien feeling more alien than ever as she has to spend Christmas without her family, frustrated PhD student who doesn’t give up the dream of finishing up one day, mom to a deaf baby who needs to become a dragon mom in order to help him succeed, but only after figuring out what success means, mom trying to raise bicultural/bilingual kids, opinionated food lover/book lover/film lover, amateur cook…
If I am good enough at writing more often, my three month reward will be to get a proper design for this blog, the kind you pay for. We’ll see where it ends.
For now, I will keep multitasking as nurse to my two coldish babies. Chicken noodle soup, here I go. And after that, I will clean up my desk 🙂

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