Happy New Year!

Spending New Year’s Eve in Chicago is weird for me. I’m used to my messy and crazy Spanish house, with everyone rushing in order to have dinner on time to have the twelve grapes at midnight, a Spanish tradition, and see my niece and nephew get ready to go out and celebrate. Not so long ago I was the one getting ready and begging for a ride to the city. This year we have to stay here for the audiology appointments for Little Pb’s cochlear implant mapping. Since that was the case, we decided to go to a kid friendly party at a Spanish friend’s house, to make it easier to pass. But it turns out that Little Pb has had a nasty cold for the last three days, and we owe it to him to stay home so he can recover.
That being the case, I decided to go for a haircut to at least start the year in style. I don’t like going to the hairdresser, and I keep it to a minimum, which means that I only go a couple of times a year. I’m also very picky, and in the last twelve years I had only had two hairdressers, one in Spain and one here. Both of them did a fine job, but the Spanish one quit, and I was a little bored of going to a fancy salon in Chicago. Lately I have taken Lucas to this cool punk/rock barbershop by our house, Floyds 99. While they were cutting his hair there, I decide to give them a try today. After having my hair cut by the same guy for the last nine years, it was a leap of faith. I went, and I loved it. Since I’m talking hair, I should post a picture of the haircut. The funny thing is that, while talking to him, I found out that my new hairdresser used to work at the posh salon I used to go to before. You see, Chicago is not that big…

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