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Happy New Year: the sequel

As we all know, life gets on the way. After deciding that the party was too much for the sick kid, we were content to stay home, cook dinner, bake a Yule Log with Little L, eat the grapes on Skype with my family at 5 pm (midnight in Spain), have dinner, drink a bottle of cava from La Rioja, and eat a second plate of grapes at Chicago’s midnight. But after lunch we realized that there was some fluid coming out from little Pb’s ear, so off we went at 4 pm to the ER. We left Little L with our new neighbors, and run. Of course, as most moms, I’m paranoid. Particularly since the kiddo got a cochlear implant in that ear one month and a half ago, any menace of an infection on the area put me in panic mode. We had already taken him to the pediatrician on Saturday, and he was clear, it was just a little cold. But of course, after five hours in the ER on New Years Eve, we came back home with antibiotics, antibiotic drops and a diagnosis of ear infection with a ruptured eardrum. Isn’t it a lovely way to end the year? In a way it ironically fits the rest of 2012. Let’s hope that 2013 starts in a better way.
Hopefully the kids will sleep for a bit so we can eat the pizza and pasta I just ordered. In five minutes we went from a fairly decent home cooked dinner to delivery… At least we have that chilled bottle of cava.

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