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Fifty shades of… Mom?

Since I have read more than my share of sugary Mother’s Day posts, FB status, comments, and the likes, I have decided that I won’t clog the net with one more sweet post. Don’t get me wrong, I have a mom, and I love her and all, but for her our Mother’s Day is the day when I arrive in Spain with my brood and she can enjoy (or suffer, depending on the day) our company for a few weeks. She celebrated Spanish Mother’s Day last Sunday with my brother, sister and dad, and the rest of her grandkids. And even if I wrote to her, it wouldn’t be here, since she doesn’t understand a word of English. I am also a Mom, and I loved receiving a handmade card and handmade gifts from my sons on Sunday. But I decided that my post today will be one that would be appealing to the mom I am, not to the mom I would like to be.

While walking around Water Tower Place the other day, I realized that among all the Mother’s Day windows and ads trying to lure my attention, there were huge posters announcing the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Fifty Shades of Grey. And I started laughing. A lot. I was still giggling when I got to the car. Because that was a pretty fast release, certainly made right in time for Mother’s Day in the hopes that hordes of men and women would buy the movie for their moms. I can see the point in a husband doing so, at least he may have something to gain. But imagining the awkward moment when a mom opens the pink ribboned box, to find a BDSM movie coming from her kids cracked me up. Big time.

Not to say that I won’t get it. I may. I normally like my movies independent, with complicated plot lines that focus on serious topics, and, according to my poor husband, terribly weird and boring. But every now and then, I can enjoy the no brainer chick flick. Which is what this is.

Anyone who has read Marquis de Sade knows that Fifty Shades of Grey is a soft soccer mom version of BDSM. As an omnivorous reader I have to admit that I read the books, part of them during a quick girlfriend trip to the UK, the only time I have spent apart from my boys. And they were entertaining. Terribly written, I will give you that, but the plot line was decent, and I can see how the story is so appealing to women all around the world. A handsome, rich guy who owns more Audis than I can count courts an innocent, middle class girl and makes her his wife. Come on, ladies, be honest. This is the American Dream. I have seen my fair share of girls whose only goal is to catch a husband. This one involves getting whipped every once in a while, but at least the whipper is hot.

Going back to the movie. I really liked the cinematography, Dakota Johnson did a good job, and instilled some humor into the otherwise boring Anastasia, and the soundtrack is great. Jamie Dornan is a little bit stiff as Mr Grey, but I am willing to forgive him just based on his looks.

Many women were horrified and complained about the movie being a bad example for young girls. I don’t think I have read so many complaints about porn in general, or how it affects our youngsters. Or, for that matter, about violence in movies, the kind that involves explosions, and guns, and dead people. But we all throw our arms up if a girl decides to enter a submissive relationship. If you think it is a bad example, that it is derogatory of women, or even offensive, you have the choice to not watch it. Unless your kids decided to give it to you for Mother’s Day. Then you may have to.

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