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My Self/Shelf Book Challenge: February

In my previous life, the one before I had kids, I was a voracious reader. Since an early age, when I was growing up in a village with barely any other kids, and where my shiny Game Boy was the most exciting technological advance we had ever seen, books were my best friends. Eventually I would become a “professional” reader, as I was pursuing a PhD in Literature (spoiler: I never finished it). At that time I would read five books a week, and then some articles.

Fast forward a few years and a baby, and I was barely reading anything.

Last year GoodReads happily informed that I had read all of 21 books. In a year. That makes less than two books a month.

This year I decided to make reading more a priority. I have set a goal of 40 books for my Reading Challenge, to keep myself accountable. And to help with my accountability, I am going to share what I have read at the end of each month. I am omnivorous, and I read in English and in Spanish. I favor fiction and poetry, but I will read even the instruction manuals of toys. My books posts will be bilingual too, I will post in both my In English and my En español sections.img_3922

Although one of my dream jobs would be to be a book critic (or restaurant critic, movie critic, travel writer… like pretty much everyone else out there, right?), I won’t pretend that I am one. I will just share what I like about each book, my impressions. I will share the info of the books, in case you are interested. I am only going to ask you a favor: if you decide to buy one of them, consider buying it from an independent bookstore. They are pretty magical places, and they are an endangered species. In Chicago, a few I recommend are Sandmeyer’s Bookstore, Unabridged Bookstore, City Lit, Women and Children First or The Book Cellar. As with books, I will happily take bookstore recommendations.

And without more delay, here are my February books.

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